HOPS as a brand in health care services has put down its strengths in distributing medical devices for hospitals, setting & executing teleclinics and other telemedicine concepts for remote monitoring of patients

SLK Group helps medical device manufacturers to find medical device needs , provide OEM orders and distribute present available products through 75 of our partners across India and Africa. With our special programs we find, analyze, select and manage medical device distributors for upcoming market.


TeleClinics Set Up and Execution

Family Health and Remote Monitoring

Medical Device Distribution and Health Care service

With 1.3 Billion in population and rising incomes, India is going to be a major medical device market. India is the second most populous country in the world after China, and has tremendous growth potential. Healthcare spending per person is low, but a growing middle class is expanding the market potential.

As a Company we believe in Technology as a whole. We partner with Manufactures for our needs towards our clients and help distribute the product with technology integration.

For Medical Device Manufacturer

  • Share the Requirement
  • Provide Support with Local Presence
  • Integrate the Device with Present Technology
  • Share OEM requirements for Medical Device

For Hospitals

  • Deploy Medical Kits and Other Telemedicine Infrastructure
  • Support and Manage

Setting Up Tele Clinics

  • Work with Governments for Social Rural Health Care Mission
  • Deploy Kits at Root Level for Screening

Lets Partner to execute the Medical Devices Need in India and Africa