About Us

Sri Laxmi Kravia (SLK) Techlabs Private Limited was founded in 2010. The Founders had a vision to provide Technical Business Strategies, Product as a Services and Built Informational/Knowledge Platforms for Corporates and Bottom of Pyramid Communities using cutting edge technology to give rise to an ecosystem to last. Our mission is to develop the ecosystems around Mobile as a platform reaching out for Health Care Services, Rural Eclinics, Education Dissemination and Application Development. Along with Big Data & Analytics, Developing and Supporting Services for Cloud Infrastructure towards scalability, infrastructure development in Information Technology has also been added towards our growth road map.


Health Care Operating Platforms and Services (HOPS)

“HOPS” means an Umbrella of Health Services Care Products Offered by SLK. A platform built towards making an health service ecosystem to optimize day-to-day operations at large hospitals, telemedicine, data handling & offering affordable health care services at Grassroot health care centers. It has been designed with at most care to make sure that necessary requirements have been covered providing transparency and value to the beneficiaries.

Leveraging low cost mobile technology coupled with ELearning Platform to create healthcare training solutions for Grassroot health workers.

Educational Tablet Platform – Virtual Classroom

ET Platform is provided to schools, institutes and k12 educational organization to provide digital access to the students where a teacher can monitor students. This platform helps in offering variety of interactive educational content to the student reducing the amount of travel and make education available for all.

Big Data and Medical Information Management

Information Management Platforms towards performing analysis and data crunch on presentavailable health information. Customization of Platform for Big Data Analytics as per business and government planning needs.